Pi Cafe Heat Sleeve
My university is making a big effort to be green, so we have a neat policy at our on-campus coffee house, pi cafe, that if you bring your own receptacle you get a discount on your drink.

Being poor college students, we never seem to have any travel mugs with matching tops with which to obtain this discount, so we use jars. Jars are really poor at insulation, though... and thus the pi cafe heat sleeve was conceived.  (It also works on regular coffee cups, of course).

It goes like this:
Cast on 34 stitches with worsted weight or similar yarn. I used size 8 needles, but 7s would be fine I think.

1x1 rib for 5 rows

K next row

follow chart!:

where blank space is K in main color, filled in is K with contrasting color.

1x1 for 5 rows after chart completion.

BO loosely.

Turn inside out and stitch ends together.


boyfriend knucks
will knit for...
when I started dating my current boyfriend almost a year ago, he asked me to knit him something and i explained about the sweater curse, (which he didn't believe until another knitting friend verified it).  In order to keep him around, I instead made him knucks and a hat.

don't have a pic of the hat yet... oh well.

So, i wanted to make cat toys for a coworker/grad students cat as a weeding/housewarming present. 

it's really simple- just made from a square-- http://www.heartstringsfiberarts.com/bunny-pattern.shtm

so easy, that I made another, larger one in white... but gave it away before I took a picture.

Just about my most favorite piece everrrrrrr!
I got really bored over march break.  They gave us TWO WHOLE WEEKS OFF.  What?!?!?!
Annnyways, the product of my boredom:

I didn't really use any one pattern in particular.

The above panel was an adaptation from the PLC Blog

I then crocheted in the fish-net-y back panel so that it would fit me:

After that, I picked up stitches around the top. I marked where the middle of each boob was, and then inc1 every other row for about 4x or so...
and then just kept knitting up.  I finished off the back in 2x2 ribbing. 

Made the straps sort of like they do in this pattern.  But only in terms of the shape; I stuck to stockinette until the actual strap part for aesthetics :)

Then i attached the straps to the back... I wish I'd put them more to the center, but oh well.   I think the edging was crocheted out of some book of my mom's but i don't remember... >_<

All in all, i think it turned out rather well!

Zig zag scarf
I'm pretty sure I found this pattern in a vogue somewhere, but have since seen other permutations (including knit, instead of crochet) around the net.
It basically entails increasing each row where you want a peak, and decreasing in the valley.

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Double knit!
Mom Knits
Less ominous than doublethink, but still somewhat scary...

nonetheless, it's a really awesome effect.

( just the reverse side!)

I think it came out pretty well for my first try!

make your own here.
( I added my initials forwards and backwards to the bottom...)

Massive arm warmers!
From this pattern.

I sorta put the thumb holes in the wrong place, but I don't think anyone would notice unless I told them...

In real life, I am a biology nerd.
will knit for...
So when I ran across this pattern, I HAD to make it.

I still haven't blocked it though, so it rolls like craaaaaazy.  >_<

The only hat I will ever wear in public.
I must have a funnily shaped head, cause hats NEVER work for me.
Except this one, made from Stitch n Bitch, which i love and adore and wear everyyyyywhere. <3


Fashion Scarf.
Another original object...

I used needles larger than the recommended gauge to get the space between the rows.

And incorporated beads for the first time:


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